custom, unique and unexpected.

Gamecube controllers from Design out of Shield.

Design out of Shield is about unique GameCube controllers for Smash Bros. I’m an illustration graduateĀ and a Smash Bros fanatic. Design out of Shield started as my way of bringing these passions together.

I started customising controllers so that I could tell which was my favourite out of the many similar looking purple and black ones I had. I made one for me, some for my friends, then people started asking me to make ones for them, I made some for some very talented Smashers and now, through this site, I can make one for you or, if you like, show you how to customise one for yourself.

Check out my gallery, my guide or drop me a line if you want me to create something unique for you. It might not make you better at playing but it’s guaranteed to make you stand out.