A new apparatus

So, now my upgrade is behind me, I can unveil the latest olympic arcades scopic apparatus, here.

Olympic Arcades apparatusAs you probably know by now, my practice-research is built around imagining, creating and using there ‘scopic apparatuses’ that work with, against or outside the jpeg protocol. This latest one is designed to work with jpeg, in fact it can only work with the protocol.

Essentially, when the page is loaded, a javascript calls on those fine screenshot chaps at Art Viper whose software visits Google, Flickr, Yahoo and Bing and does an image search for ‘London 2012’ and/or ‘olympic arcades’. Their software screengrabs that page, renders it as a jpeg and serves it back to my apparatus where it becomes a background image. With some ¬†jQuery and CSS wizardry from Tutorialzine, that jpeg becomes the target for my camera. A user can select and area, click and grab an ‘image’. They can then screengrab, upload to the Web and eventually see their image appear in the searches.

All of this is dependent on jpeg which ensures that images are visible, usable, linkable and shareable.