Tweets for the week :: 2011-10-02

  • Thing of the day: 02.10.11 #
  • The one thing wrong with the iPad: autumn morning, by the river, time to read and write. Invisible screen even in the shade. #
  • RT @karppi: I'm looking for academic articles re. #Facebook & data mining. Any ideas? #datamining Let me know if you find any Tero! #
  • Anyone got any experience with .macme? #
  • Legacy has a present tense too. #
  • "#Labour Party wants journalism licenses. " (via @glynmoody) Way heh, just like the old days of the NUJ card. #
  • Thanks to @juspar and @timmarkham for the feedback today. Good to know my #quadJPEG is heading in the right direction. Thanks guys. #
  • Facebook and Policing (every breath you take) Chapeau @karppi #
  • Thing of the day: 26.09.11 #
  • Oh and the GB cycling team won't win either. Maybe if they kicked a ball around fro 90mins or so every so often! #
  • RT @parallax00: One for @Internationale this. One of the most disgraceful elements of Facebook imaginable. #

  • The only thing @MarkCavendish won't win this year is BBC Sports Personality of the Year, but frankly, after today, who cares?! #
  • Cav! #

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