Tweets for the week :: 2011-12-25

  • I would say that my iPhone turned 'bring' into being in my last tweet but I don't want to open up a heidegger debate. #
  • Am I mad to just want to use OOP to do some software studies and some photography? I'm pretty sure I don't want to 'do philosophy'! #
  • Perhaps there's something to be said for slow pace of traditional publishing. Wines, whiskey + words sometimes
    need to mature. He tweeted. #
  • RT @onticologist "@juspar no need to be paranoid. Your post was productive for me. The ensuing discussion less so" ditto! #
  • Cav #
  • If only one of @millarmind's team had carried a ball, they could have been in the running for the #spoty team of the year. #
  • It took me longer to dial the votiing number than it did for Cav to ride up the Champs-Élysées #cav4Spoty #
  • #spoty make sitting through the tedious ballgame nonsense worthwhile, vote Cav #cav4spoty #
  • Analog is the new digital. Chapeau @berrydm #
  • Just in case there's anyone who hasn't caught up with the case of the Cow Clicker #
  • In preparation for a bit of Object Oriented Photography, a new Facebook Timeline cover: #
  • The phrase ‘Digital First’ makes me want to reach for my fountain pen #
  • RT @copwatcher: Blogged: Launching The Anti-Olympics Poster Competition [from an original idea by @djhanks] #

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