Whose design is it anyway?

Gave talk at Winchester School of Art last week. MA design and design management students. Great bunch of creative and bright people. As you can see (and hear), ranted about opening that creativity and ingenuity up through opensource, PASSION, VISION and ‘content relationships”. Had a coffee with a few of the students after and heard about some really great projects and ideas. There may be no jobs for these guys but if they can harness what they have, together with the tools, attitudes and spaces available to co-design, co-create, co-market and co-develop… well that’s gotta be better than trudging round Jobs Fairs (sic) or Graduate Milk rounds.

If any of the students drop by here, as I said in the session… let me know if you need help or just a conversation. Oh and keep in touch. I’m always looking for good case stories to tell!

Audio (MP3 107MB [right click and save as):