Small objects in the city

Natural and un-natural objects. Toy chairs probably manufactured in Taiwan. A sod of grass and a rose of England. Dirt. A miniature TV flown around the world to a doll’s house shop. Maybe a charity shop.

Positioned and repositioned on a street. In a street. Connecting with an office block and a gutter. Privatised street cleaner and voluntary police officer. Reconnecting with a cyclist’s rubber tyre whose carbon footprint entangles with that of the Chinese shipping container. Residents, immigrants, migrants, White-British data points, mothers and Friends. Followers and citizen (journalists) see, experience and connect the objects. Different patterns of object connections. Flashes or echoes. Short or long-lived patterns of object connections.

Not a grand gesture or statement. Not a challenge to a Subject or the power-full King’s head. An Exploit, a swarm, a flood not a gesture or a strike (Galloway and Thacker). There is no claim or Occupy challenge, simply a rearrangement of objects, a reconnection. A resonance.

When no object takes primacy, all are open to Exploit. All are available for rearrangement and resonance. When there is no privileged Subject or Object of power or politics, reclaiming the streets becomes a matter of connections, reconnections, flashes and echoes of new object relations.