Tweets for the week :: 2012-01-15

  • out through their small souls. And all the lazy leaks down over their brash bodies. How small it’s all! And me letting on to meself always. #
  • Thing of the day: 14.01.12 #
  • And lilting on all the time. I thought you were all glittering with the noblest of carriage. You’re only a bumpkin. I thought you the great #
  • Update on my practice-research post. Scraped into a 'carpentry' site. You gotta love algorithm's sense of humour #
  • in all things, in guilt and in glory. You’re but a puny. Home ! My people were not their sort out beyond there so far as I can. For all the #
  • Thing of the day: 12.01.12 #
  • “@byrne_ed: @Internationale finished the social media management proposal. Thanks for advice when visiting #Wsa