Tweets for the week :: 2012-02-12

  • Back at theInternationale dotcom again. #
  • If anyone's trying to email me, or reach The Internationale, I seem to have disappeared. Depending on theinternationale at gmail dotcom #
  • l them that’s gunne. I’ll begin again in a jiffey. The nik of a nad. How glad you’ll be I waked you! My! How well you’ll feel! For ever afte #
  • Stuart Hall. Still The Man in the (new) age of 'authoritarian populism'. #
  • r. First we turn by the vagurin here and then it’s gooder. So side by side, turn agate, wedding-town, laud men of Londub! I only hope whole #
  • Experiment: seeing what happens if feed Facebook's 'personalised' sponsored ad text back into a wall post. #
  • 'staring into the abyss'. Happy 40th anniversary miners who closed Saltley Gates. #
  • Way t'go @karppi #guru #
  • RT @mashable: Twitter to Get First Look at Several New York Fashion Week Collections – #WSA #
  • the heavens sees us. For I feel I could near to faint away. Into the deeps. Anna-mores leep. Let me lean, just a lea, if you le, bowldstrong #
  • Yeh I know you can be cynical, but chapeau Rusbridger.
    via @guardian #

  • big — tider. Allgearls is wea. At times. So. While you’re adamant evar. Wrhps, that wind as if out of norewere! As on the night of the Apop #
  • Another reason to hate the Tories. Just in case you hadn't got any… #
  • "see world as a haiku poet" Where are the non-correlationist, object-oriented images then? #
  • RT @berrydm: "Photography is dead…" No no he's not dead, it's, it's restin'! Remarkable, the Norwegian Blue #
  • Problem with adblock is we want free content + we're not even willing to suffer ads to pay for it. Chapeau @glynmoody #
  • "optimises for conversion through the funnel". "I am not a number I am a free man" and I talk proper. Chapeau @berrydm #
  • Slides of this morning's Fashion Marketing Session for #WSA students: #
  • hanypes. Jumpst shootst throbbst into me mouth like a bogue and arrohs! Ludegude of the Lashlanns, how he whips me cheeks! Sea, sea! Here, w #
  • Thanks to #WSA fashion students for session today. If you have any questions or ideas or… Let me know. #
  • OOO… news! Got job at #WSA Senior Teaching Fellow in Digital Media and Design with @juspar, @seancubitt and other fine Fellows. Excited! #
  • eir, reach, island, bridge. Where you meet I. The day. Remember! Why there that moment and us two only? I was but teen, a tiler’s dot. The s #
  • One for my #WSA guest session for fashion students tomorrow Follow New York Fashion Week Online – #
  • “@Zuurstof: Over 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online” protocol: live long and prosper. #
  • Your own infinite archive via 'screengrabs' #
  • wankysuits was boosting always, sure him, he was like to me fad. But the swag-gerest swell off Shackvulle Strutt. And the fiercest freaky ev #
  • 'permissionless innovation'. The flipside of protocol as control. #quadJPEG #

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