Tweets for the week :: 2012-04-01

  • Would love to watch the Tour of Flanders in the garden but Apple insist on putting a mirror on the front of the iPad. #
  • Patrick Keiller at the Tate. Here's to fragments and rags 'n refuse. #
  • Why do piles of essays never get smaller? #
  • “@__cui: Also found the Latour article Grossberg was talking about” I wonder what "For Graham Harman" signifies. #
  • Wonder-full talk by Lawrence Grossberg at #WSAcgf Reminds you why cultural studies matters. #
  • #remindmetothinkaboutthissomemore In the real time social stream, we're all remix artists. #
  • And chapeu @lisaharris and our friends in Southampton for their #caasoton tag and Storify stuff. Live Web, live research, Live soton/WSA #
  • And if you could practice tugging your forelocks too… #
  • Chapeau Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media for launching #WSAcgf hashtag. At the forefront soc media and research. #
  • Just caught it… Nice multi page page-flip interface #
  • The flat ontology of twitter. #
  • Medem, me. With acute bubel runtoer for to pippup and gopeep where the sterres be. Just to see would we hear how Jove and the peers talk. Am #
  • OK, sorry, @BritishGasHelp is real human so, I repeat better Twitter service than Boiler installation service. Human promised to look into… #
  • marvellous! Just when you think they CAN do something right you find out @BritishGasHelp is an auto reply. Ah software CRM! in reply to BritishGasHelp #
  • The NHS. 'Nuff said. #
  • id the soleness. Tilltop, bigmaster! Scale the summit! You’re not so giddy any more. All your graundplotting and the little it brought! Hump #

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