Tweets for the week :: 2012-04-08

  • "release engineering". What a great phrase. #
  • IMPACT, one for the REF. #
  • London mayor? None of the above. #
  • Should have stayed with The Matrix. #
  • Now, should I watch George Galloway on Newsnight or The Matrix? #
  • Sent from my iPhone #
  • Vote Polly or at least let's all donate to get her a place at one of Milliband's dinner parties. #
  • All "approved by Guardian editorial". Ah, I remember when ed and ad had walls between them, rather than around them. #
  • Considering live tweeting two day health and safety course. We live tweet conferences, someone paddling in the Stream might be interested. #
  • “@ibogost: My Twitter app (iPhone) stopped updating mentions and interactions about half a day ago. Hmm.” Mine too. #

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