Tweets for the week :: 2012-04-15

  • Anyone know how to auto tweet an FB update that include page link so that tweet includes link to FB URL not to page being talked about? #
  • Nice simple comparison of Google and Facebook ad potential. The power of volunteered data. #
  • Rolling pay wall. Free to share and read from link for period but archive paid. Harnessing sharing and open reach but driving archive subs. #
  • 2012 Brand Police. Locog gets all object-oriented. #
  • "bigger eyes, larger hopes, weirder goals" That's much more how I 'see' object oriented photography. Chapeau @ibogost #
  • Not available for WSA/#WSAgmm yet but interesting that Facebook going back to its roots. #
  • Help. Brain going funny. Who was that guy wrote the book debunking idea that social meeja 'caused' Arab Spring et al? #
  • Having fun plaiting course themes, issues and readings together for #WSAgmm #
  • Official #WSAgmm page now on Southampton/Winchester website. All the details of the MA. #
  • There's something strangely cheering about a refreshments trolley guy making bad jokes to try and sell overpriced train drinks. #
  • I've arrived! …or maybe not. #
  • Another #WSAgmm thought for the day: #
  • Trying out different sorts of content on new #WSAgmm Facebook page. Brief thoughts on why Facebook? #
  • Twitter's algorithm says @jennifermjones @Recursive_idiot and @__cui are "similar to you". In what sense algorithm? I need more details. #
  • #WSAgmm has taken its first steps onto the Live Web. Come and 'Like' us "Friends". #
  • Lean-back 2.0 according to the Economist
    Interesting thoughts re space between culture/business. #
  • It's all about that 'share' word. What an Instagram pic looks like in the Haystack now: #
  • In prep for new #WSA MA in Global Media Management (#WSAgmm) curating list of blogs, twitterers, videos et al. Suggestions welcome. #
  • Facebook's scopic hegemony takes another step. #
  • First section of first eBook version of #quadJPEG done in iBook Author. Bit of Bank Holiday (walled) gardening. #

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