Tweets for the week :: 2012-06-03

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  • "The front camera looks deep into your eyes" Object oriented photography #
  • God save our gracious Polly.
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  • Skype meetings: sensual yet strangely withdrawn. easier than typing tweets with one hand. #
  • RT @openculture: Lawrence Lessig "I’ll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one" #
  • RT @brainpicker: So great – @ajblum takes "a journey to the center of the internet" gotta love the material #WSAgmm #
  • Knackered shoulder. Not broken but just generally mangled. Can't possibly mark essays now. #
  • Hospital a&e. Bike taxi altercation. Objects connecting. Ok but shoulder strangely withdrawn. #londoncycling #
  • Anyone still got Media Guardian from 28th. Apparently #WSA (MA global media management) ad in. If so could you snap a pic for me and @juspar #
  • Students: Good essays are a win-win. I win because they're easier to mark. You win 'cos you get a good mark! Simple. #

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