Tweets for the week :: 2012-07-01

  • The latest in my boy's designs: #
  • Great #WSA BA graphics show at Rag Factory East London. Some class stuff. Hope some of the students end up doing the #WSAcd MA Comms Design. #
  • NY Times subscribers can now access full content via Flipboard. Clever, let FB (not that one… Yet) do the app/interface for you. #
  • I know a lot of #WSAcd students are Tim Burton fans so… enjoy. #
  • alone. At the site of salvocean. And watch would the letter you’re wanting be coming may be. And cast ashore. That I prays for be mains of m #
  • Ya gotta love DARPA. Gigapixel camera made of 'sub cameras'. #OOPh #
  • there's something about Flash mobs that demands Flash tweeting. I love the iPadographer #
  • e draims. Scratching it and patching at with a prompt from a primer. And what scrips of nutsnolleges I pecked up me meself Every letter is a #
  • Well they be allowed to drive in the Olympic Lanes? #

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