Tweets for the week :: 2012-07-08

  • Bidon. Maillot. Col. Domestique. Rouleur. Grimpeur. Cleat. Banana. Madeleine. Soigneur. Clincher. Groupset. Chamois. Chain. Le tour litany. #
  • Now there's a choice. Watch Biff Baff, scalextric or le Tour? Oh I think I'll go with the sport. #
  • llcky road adondering. We can sit us down on the heathery benn, me on you, in quolm uncon-sciounce. To scand the arising. Out from Drumleek. #
  • I wouldn't subscribe to his monolith-critique, but it's good to see any thinking about imag(in)ing saturation #
  • It was there Evora told me I had best. If I ever. When the moon of mourning is set and gone. Over Glinaduna. Lonu nula. Ourselves, oursouls #
  • So #WSAcd guys, you're designers… Looks like a challenge to me. #
  • Disturb that scopic regime. Tilt Your Head by 15 degrees #
  • Thing of the day: 020712 #

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