Micro-speculations: w/c 15/06/20

The family gathered around the glowing panel. Shared quality tellytime. School tablet set aside, the kids leaned back. Zoomed out, the parents mono-tasked. The box balanced, watching body language and expressions as an algorithm auctioned dynamic spots. warc.com/newsandopinion…

She held the phone at arm’s length as she’d done since she was a child. She fixed its eye, prepared. The screen read pupil dilation; the button the biometrics; and the app her “history”. As she pressed, space was sold in real time. She was auto-completed. https://t.co/w3u82DT3Vn

He smiled. He frowned. He pursed his lips. The sensors responded and mapped his intents on the mask. As he relaxed, they switched their attention to his social data points and location. The messages scrolled across his face as the micro payments came in. https://voicebot.ai/2020/06/19/watch-this-voice-activated-light-up-face-mask-speak-and-smile/

With her right thumb she selected the weapon as her forefinger times the jump. Her left thumb selected the social network as the microphone streamed her between the ads on his screen. Just as she had him in her sights. https://adage.com/article/news/electronic-arts-sees-social-features-future-gaming/2263016

He was in the waiting room. The lobby. Waiting. Probably not the only one but he couldn’t tell. It was worth it, the antici…pation. It was gonna be great, when he got in. He shuffled and checked the battery level. “The host will let you in soon”… https://t.co/WL4vCgLonG

The Voice skill launched. The soundscape filled the room with clinking glasses, laughter and barely comprehensible murmering. “I have this Tik Tok start-up..,” he began. The AI voice interrupted: “I’m sorry, that was last year. Please try again…” https://t.co/ShdMoUIv1H