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This controller is based off a Calvin and Hobbes image and was designed and painted for German smasher Baumi, the creator of two instructional videos which can be found here and here.

“I play Melee and Sm4sh, the latter only cause those are the only tournaments in a reasonable distance from where I live (Germany, Stuttgart). Tournaments come few and far between over here, so I take what I can get even though I don’t really give a crap about Sm4sh. I don’t have any notable tournament placings and play Fox/Falcon. Again, the most notable thing I have really done is those two videos, but other than that I am just a small fish that cares a lot.”
– Baumi when asked about his smash career.

The controller is painted very light blue at the top and gradually getting darker at the bottom, the entire right side is dominated by a dark brown tree with a zig zag bark design. The leaves are autumnal in metallic brown, gold and red and sparsely populate the top half of the controller.

The entire controller is protected by many layers of matte automotive lacquer and it’s smooth finish feels great to play with, reduces the sweaty palm effect many controllers have and lets the colours pop without creating a shiny glare.