Grassy Plains

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I painted this controller to resemble a sunset over an ocean, mainly shades of pink with green grass in the foreground. I gave the cable end a gradient resembling that of the main body of the controller.

I was sent an image resembling the intro from Pokemon Emerald (GBA) that the client had altered so the hue was warmer. I tried to get it as close to the design as I could. Ultimately some colours came out different but I think it really works and so does the client. You can see the image I was send at the end of the gallery.

I started by painting the pinky background colour and then added a gradient effect with the grey. I hand painted the clouds, grass and the water to get some more texture and more control over the detail. I used Rotring pens filled with diluted airbrush inks for the fine lines surrounding the blades of grass. For the horizon lines and white lines around the clouds I used paint markers.

I used pink Sugru to create thumbstick caps and painted the C-stick and analogue sticks light blue. The caps feel great and the pink matches the colour of the water quite nicely.

The controller is protected by many layers of matte lacquer which protect the design and make it feel really soft and smooth.

(This controller was painted for Polylink a smasher from Brighton but was never bought. I still have this controller and it’s one of my favourites both to play with and look at.)

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