Heir to the Throne 2

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Working with Team Heir I designed this controller for a prize to be given out at Heir to the Throne 2.

I used imagery from Team Heir’s logo and promotional material for the tournament as an inspiration for the design, using a deep red and creme colour scheme, the Holy Smash Grenade and the Damask patterns look really sophisticated and give a feeling of luxury.

The background of the controller is a cracked porcelain effect using creme and gold airbrush paints, crackle medium and some hand corrections to create something that looks like old china plates or an old mansion’s dis-repaired paintwork. The Grenade logo in the centre of the controller and the Damask patterns on the sides were done using stencils cut by hand and some corrections with Rotring pens and fine brushes.

On the back of the controller gold lettering done using transfer paper shows a collaboration between Team Heir and Design out of Shield.

The whole controller is protected by copious amounts of satin lacquer which gives it a silky smooth texture.

The controller was won by Captain Ireland in a raffle hosted at the tournament.


Captain ireland