Mr Watch and Learn

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A controller based on the move-set of the iconic character Mr. Game & Watch for smasher Mr. Watch and Learn. A player out of New York, Mr. Watch and Learn had his start in Brawl then became hooked on PM when 3.0 dropped he is working hard to get on to the NY/NJ Power rank where he hopes to sit comfortably at at least 20th.

Black and grey with a splash of pink on the back where the [9] Hammer is located. Various attacks of G&W’s line the sides in black on the grey body of the controller. The button and control stick areas are black as is the “MR!” in the middle of the faceplate and the Z button, the A and B buttons are painted grey.

This controller is protected by many coats of automotive clear matte lacquer which gives it a silky smooth texture and is a real pleasure to touch.

At the end of the gallery are the sketches Mr. Watch and Learn did using my template, from these sketches I was able to visualise exactly what he wanted and paint the controller accordingly. He made the process easier by doing this and I think the controller turned out better than it would have had it just been described to me.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in getting a controller from me to follow suit and fill in the template even if its just basic crayon drawings or MS paint.