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Based on the Ancient Mew Pokémon card released as a promotional card in the year 2000. It was given out with the purchase of a ticket for the theatrical run of The Power of One I made my own version of this card as a sort of self portrait. This Kadano modded controller is an extension of that self portrait.


The controller is painted in metallic magenta with gold tints.

The controller is covered in waterslide transfers that have been hand inked in gold, I used acrylic ink and a combination of brushes and technical pens to trace the design on the transfer paper and make corrections when in place on the controller.

On the front half of the handles are the resistance and weakness symbols from the bottom of the card, the centre of the front has line art of Ancient Mew  with the border pattern above and below.

The back of the controller is based on the reverse of the same card. I used the Pokéball and shapes around it then rotated and re-sized them to fit nicely around the curves of the controller.

The whole controller is protected by Mipa winner matte lacquer which gives it a silky smooth finish.