Jigglypuff controller

This controller was an entry for the Custom GameCube Controller Discord server’s Pokémon themed controller competition

The controller was a collaboration between myself and Smashproof|Ath and was based off an illustration by u/sagaisagoodcomic on reddit ( on Instagram)

I sculpted and applied the ears and curl to the controller then painted the front light pink and the back dark pink and the black triangles within the ears.

I sent the Shell to Ath who created custom Doll’s eye buttons for the A and B buttons, cast J and P buttons in place of X and Y, custom coloured sticks, D-Pad and triggers, Z-button and cable plug end he also sleeved the cable in green paracord to match the most infamous Jigglypuff skin.

The controller gathered quite a lot of interest upon its reveal and was featured on Kotaku and Nerdist

The entire controller is protected by layers of Spraymax 2k high gloss lacquer.