The GameCube controller painting guide

When I first uploaded a picture of one of my controllers to SmashUK I got a lot of people asking me how I painted it so I decided to make a guide. The next few controllers I made I documented every step of my process and put together some step by step instructions that explain what I did and why.
I want to add more to this guide and I’m sure there are more techniques and processes you would like to see and have explained. If there are then ask me to do it. If you order a controller from me I will try any new technique you choose and I’ll update the guide with what I’m doing including high quality photographs and descriptions of each step.
This is my first how to guide. Any questions, criticism, comments or advice please email me. The feedback from this community has been really helpful and I’m sure it will continue to be.
I made the guide free as I want to share the knowledge I have. I want people to be able to create awesome controllers and enjoy the making process as much as I do.
I hope you enjoy…

The Guide
Download the PDF (5MB)

For one of my University projects I took the information in the guide and illustrated it with the hope that it would be easier to read. Though the information is drastically simplified compared to the full version of the guide it still explains some of the processes I use to create my controllers, plus it’s prettier and much shorter.

This is in no way a replacement for my original guide, more of an sample of the wealth of information on offer.

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