stereoscopic object-oriented imag(in)ing

A free view of the weird

Stereo imag(in)ing enables us to to experience a little of the weirdness of objects.

At the moment of taking two lenses see from different places. Slightly different takes. Never a complete view. Never a full connection. The thing always escapes our full access. The camera – and me as the imag(in)eer never see everything: every side, every facet, every detail. All we do, with our indecisive moment is brush past the real.

At the moment of viewing as you relax your eyes and look through the picture, a third imag(in)ing floats into view. The 3D illusion of the real only appears when you relax. Free viewing frees us to accept illusion, weirdness, unfathomable depth. In that slow moment of seeing, we glimpse the weird.