Smash Norge, Howie

Smash Norge, Howie

This controller was done for Håvard Ottosen, Howie, a community leader in Norway, and founder of Smash Norge, the main TO of Eclipse, DrømmeLAN and House of Smash series. He takes great pride in his community and is famous for shouting «NORGEEE» at tournaments when Norwegians are playing. Melee Ice Climbers main in singles and Sheik in doubles.

The main body of the controller is painted a vibrant red.

The raised button areas are painted in a more muted blue.

Across the front of the controller is the Norwegian flag done by masking the thinner blue line, painting white over that then masking again using a thicker tape and applying the red.

The back of the controller features the client's tag done by hand using white Rotring ink over a waterslide transfer, behind the C-stick is the Smash Norge logo done using multiple layers of waterslide transfers.

The whole controller is protected by many layers of Mipa winner matte lacquer.