Ganja farmer 1998 MS DOS

Ganja farmer 1998 MS DOS

This Xbox 360 controller was done for one of my closest childhood friends.

When we were young we had limited access to computers but whenever we got online we would invariably download Ganja Farmer an MS DOS game from 1998. The game always came with a slew of viruses and the computer would crash and burn within half an hour of downloading. 

The front of the controller is painted to resemble the gameplay. I painted a blue basecoat first and then masked off the areas I wanted to be grass. I used a pro-marker to do the green of the grass blending it with darker green markers using micro set. 

After I had finalised the background I started applying transfers I began with the horizontal line of plants then the helicopters, paratroopers and Ganja Farmer with his van, these transfers were done on transparent transfer paper which I had inked white.

On the gold painted back of the controller is the logo of the game surrounded by transparent transfers of Cannabis leaves coated with glitter lacquer.

The top and bottom of the controller have red through gold to green gradients, these were done using glitter lacquer metallic gold spray paint and pro markers blended with micro set.

The whole controller is protected by many layers of Mipa winner matte lacquer.