Don’t touch the Wallpaper Holomatic Spectral Chrome

Don’t touch the Wallpaper Holomatic Spectral Chrome

This controller is a refinement of my earlier Don't touch the wallpaper controllers.

The background of the controller is a Holomatic colour shifting chrome with bright rainbows appearing when held to the light. Across the entirety of the controller are pink wallpaper-esque flowers.

Each of the flowers that adorn the controller was done using  transparent waterslide transfer paper individually inked white by hand using a .18mm Rotring pen, precisely cut our using a scalpel and delicately applied in reverse to ensure they were visible against the gloss black base.

The Holomatic Spectral Chrome was sprayed over many light layers once the transfers were in place. It sits atop a gloss black base as that is how you acheive the shiniest effect, if done on a white base it would only give a slight pearlescence as can be seen over the lighter flowers.

The entire controller is protected by layers of Spraymax 2k high gloss lacquer.


This controller was sold at Heir 4 in Nottingham to @GameboyLuke