A constellation


A guitar. A fireplace. Dark coal-scuttle. A carpet and a banjo. Things left around. A domestic photoshoot, homes and gardens, good house keeping, interiors. Objects of light, photons, stream through the pinhole to the sensor, connecting with silicon, releasing charge-objects to be encoded. photons, cells, pixels, data.

Software actants go to work, arranging data, colourspaces. Discarding through Cosine logic. Crumbs from Huffman’s Table. Arranged and standardised on a card. Packaged and piped to an IPad.

Data loaded. Standard accepted and read. Software objects fit together, connecting standards like stickle bricks, two plus two. Pinched and stroked. I caress data, haptic scopicality. New images appear as I zoom. Powers of Ten. New constellations of data and pixels. Glitches and dust speckle the sensor interfering in the seamless move from light to data. Physical and software noise add to the constellation of objects.