Dispatch from an advertising future #20

Brand ads on YouTube appear alongside fake cancer cures

You know what content gets the views. You need to be where the public are… but you have your brand to think of. Don’t worry. With Highground (TM) we’ll make sure your ad still appears against the most popular content: truthful or ‘fake’. We care about reach but we put safety first, If content veers to the “fake ‘n fun” end of the continuum, we add a playlist of expert content and support to the end of your message. Enjoy the reach that fake-news (or as we call it, “popular news”) offers and be seen to take the moral Highground.

You want the views. You know what content gets the views. You need to be where the public are… but you have your brand to think of. You are a household brand, family brand, a truth-full brand. You don’t want to be associated with truthers or climate change deniers… but that’s where the viewers are.

Now, you don’t need to worry. With YourTube’s new Safety First (TM) you can still get the views, stand by your values and even add value to your brand.

If your ad is set to appear alongside a dubious cancer cure video, the Safety First (TM) will create a playlist of established, expert-reviewed cancer support content and add a Safety First (TM) message before your ad drawing the viewers’ attention to the wealth of good content YourTube hosts as well as your commitment to the best content and information.

You still get the views from the most popular so-called fake-news (or as we prefer to call it “popular news”). You add value to your customer and their YourTube experience and you position your brand as on the side of truth. What’s not to like?

Sign up today for YourTube’s new Safety First (TM). It’s a win win for all of us.