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A controller based on Iconic Nintendo character Wario featuring the character’s face on the front of the bright yellow controller and the “HurryUp!!” design from his denim jacket on the back of the controller which is painted sparkling purple.

I painted Wario’s face by hand from a drawing previously sketched on to the controller. I used air brush paints, paint markers and Rotring pens interspersed with layers of lacquer.

The “Hurry Up!!” on the back was done similarly though I used gloss rather than matte Lacquer between layers of paint.

The end of the cable has been painted yellow to match Wario’s outfit with the “W” symbol from his hat. This was done by hand painting the “W” and circle and then using Rotring pens to outline it.

The controller is protected by many layers of lacquer, matte on the front and end of the cable and gloss on the back.

On the left analogue stick enclosure I attempted Kadano’s notch modding technique more information on this can be found here.

Credit goes to Adam Stockley for the design.