Sheik x Kirby in space!

[metaslider id=430]

This controller is painted using the space technique I used in some of my earliest controllers only much more refined and dignified than before. The base is a pearlescent dark blue black with highlights of lighter blue and purple, a white paint spatter effect was used to create the appearance of stars.

The controller features silhouettes of Sheik using Bouncing Fish and F-Air on the left handle and of Kirby charging his hammer and using his down B to turn into a rock on the right handle both in an off white.

The front of the controller has a very cute drawing of Kirby when he swallows Sheik in the centre of it and the back is dominated by a large blue cross which is based off the Smash 4 fire logo.

The entire controller is protected by many layers of matte lacquer which protect the controller and give it a very silky texture. Though a gloss coating may have made the sparkliness more pronounced I feel that matte was the right choice for this controller as it looks very sophisticated.