Design out of Shield Logo controller

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This is the controller I play with. I used my logo as inspiration when designing it. The left half of the controller is the light red of Player 1’s shield with the right half being dominated by a large shine which wraps around to the clear back.

Learning how to paint onto clear controllers was interesting and a new challenge and has paid off giving rise to the Absa controller and the Wobbles controller.

I sent this controller to Garrett Greenwood (Serisium)The genius behind the Shinewave mods with the aforementioned Absa and Wobbles controllers . He sent it back to me with LED lights to match the colours of the controller and custom made resin buttons that also match the paintwork. 

Follow @Serisium on Twitter for more awesome LED modifications, electronic wizardry and custom button experiments. 

I also made custom control sticks that match the colour scheme. I painted the plastick of the stick silver, removed the rubber pad at the top and replaced it with the wondrous material Sugru which let me have a red analogue stick and a blue C-stick while retaining the durability and texture of the original rubber.

The new images are at the back of the gallery.

The whole controller is protected by layers upon layers of clear matte lacquer.