dr paul caplan : the Internationale
  • Content Strategy

    I develop ways for brands and campaigns to work with the logic of the conversation economy. I help turn messages into conversations. I create strategies built through content

    For COI Communications, RAF, QCA.

  • Conversation Audits

    I map the content relationships as they develop across social media spaces and platforms. I track the issues by analysing the language and the discourses in play. I find the conversation attractors.

    For RAF, Change4Life, MMR uptake campaign.

  • Content Training

    I train marketing directors and communciations professionals. I run workshops and seminars. I help local and national businesses and organisations take content seriously.

    For NHS, DoH, Airbus, Media Trust.

Content Researcher

I've published in peer-reviewed journals and open access journals and have a PhD on digital imag(in)ing, JPEG and Facebook's Haystack.

the PhD (pdf) Techne Art + Research pamphletOther papers at Academic.edu

Content objects

My current research is around object-oriented photography (OOPh), everyday remix and 'content improvisation', using jazz improvisiation as a model for developing content (relationships). I'm researching using a guitar and a mobile phone.

Everyday remix in First Monday Mobile imag(in)ing

Content Teacher

I've written, managed and taught undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in media, journalism, computing and advertising. I currently run the BA in Advertising at London College of Communication.

A collection of lectures and talks
  • Device Content Image
  • Device Content Image
  • Device Content Image

Mobile imag(in)ing: an exercise in content improvisation

The mobile remixological machine in our pockets is a site of everyday content improvisation. Maps and messages, images and ideas, news and notes collide in a jam session. I research and create with, in and through that space.

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"And then an I joins in. I type or photograph, I write or I image. I reorder and react to the machinic remix. I add and take away, I multiply and divide the data and the samples already in performance. I arrive not as author or creative but as a data point, a remixed subject, an identity, an avatar in my own and those far-away servers’ databases. Tron-like I enter dataspaces, drawn through and across the screen. I am no Subject or Auteur, nor even a remix-Artiste. I am everyday. One among many in Facebook’s eyes, in my phone’s memory, in my n(N)etwork’s ongoing performance. My words join the dance. My images flicker in the stream. My connections and relationships collide in the flow of my own device and others across networks. My subject position is made and remade alongside other human and unhuman actants in the human-machinic performance." - the Internationale

Content Creator

I've been a photographer, journalist, editor and illustrator for B2B magazines such as Marketing Week, New Media Age and The Lawyer. I launched a campaigning magazine for Mencap and took Marketing Week and the Bookseller online during the (first) dotcom boom. I've even had work in Horse & Hound.

As part of my practice-research into content improvisation with words, I play with short-form werable imagism and mobile remix imag(in)ings.

As part of my practice research into object-oriented photography, I experiment with digital pinhole and stereo imag(in)ing experiences.

"Fifteen years ago William Gibson wrote that the sky was the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel. He wrote his novels on a typewriter - as personal computers were still a rarity. Now he is heralded as the man who invented cyberspace. "I'm sort of stuck with that," he says. "The characters can't use the word 'cyberspace'. I can't allow them to use a word that was invented in another William Gibson fiction. It is a violation of some internal consistency."" - Interview with William Gibson, Marketing Week

"Chief Executive Martin Sorrell doesn't think he's "wired" however. Neither, in his opinion, is his company. "I'd like to be more wired," he says and then, slipping from the personal to the business, "I don't think we're doing enough."" - Interview with Sir Martin Sorrell, Marketing Week

"When you meet Mrs Edwina Currie, that 'Mrs' sticks in your mind. Like 'Mrs Thatcher' there is something slightly imposing about the title. You don't talk to Mrs Currie. You engage in verbal combat, somewhere between a battle and a game." - Interview with Edwina Currie, Viewpoint, Mencap's campaigning magazine

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