the Internationale is Paul Caplan, former Digital Charabanc, journalist and imager and now Head of Department: Computer Science and Technology at GSM London.

my work

My work is about uncreative objects - the words and imag(in)ings that circulate and connect in the databases and that are mined as the 'digital detritus' of techno-capitalism and 'dialectical images' on our mobile remixological apparatuses. Following object-oriented ontology, I approach the words, code, protocols and apparatuses as 'objects' with sensual and real dimensions. Following new materialism, I understand those objects as material, vital and present.

I work with uncreative objects - language and images, language as image and image as language that techno-capitalism mines for value and the user values as social content. The objects I 'make' are not creative although they add to the rags 'n refuse that others value.

I work on Facebook and Twitter, the walled gardens, proprietorial, closed object-spaces where the objects I un-create with circulate. But my platforms are not 'virtual' or 'online', they are material, real, concrete. I 'write' on the Wall and through the Stream. I imag(in)e in Albums. I perform on server farms, display across cables.

my everyday remix Stream

my paid work

I am Head of Department: Computer Science and Technology at GSM London where, together with my team, I'm developing the sort of courses that we need to ensure the next generation of digital media entrepreneurs, techies, geeks and hackers have a critical, politically informed and economically relevant approach to computing, network media and the digital economy.

my previous work

In previous incarnations I've been a frontline academic in the traditional (Russell Group University) industry, photojournalist, editor, consultant and trainer (Digital Charabanc). My CV (as Word doc) is here.


Object-oriented 'mobal' media

Exploring how mobile networked devices such as phones and tablets enable a form of remix whereby users, organisations, companies and the state connect streams of information, data and stories, offering new ways of imag(in)ing and managing in 'mobal' (mobile/global) space. The research is part of a project with a US publishing house on developing mobile ‘publications’ or “active books” where the text works with interactive elements empowering ‘everyday remix’ practice-research experiments.

Object-oriented practice-research

Picking up on my practice-research PhD, evangelising for using practice to answer research questions. Making practice a tool for everyone - not just artists. A book in preparation and currently in negotiation with a UK publisher.

Object-oriented 'photography' (OOPh)

Practice-research experiments in imag(in)ing. Approaching images, imaging technologies, imagers and imaged subjects as... objects.

Object-oriented 'poetry' (OOp)

Practice-research experiments in writing. Approaching language, writing technologies, writers and writing subjects as... objects.


...and objects on their way to publication:

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