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the Internationale

content to be different

  • the Internationale is dr paul caplan. he runs the ba in advertising at london college of communication. he makes practice hyphen research...
  • practice hyphen research is using practice to answer research questions, discovering through making. i research wearable words & imag(in)ing
  • i want to understand the ‘glance economy’, the everyday remix of streams of shortform content and content relationships on my wrist. i write
  • i practice-research to understand content improvisation, the cultural practices and business imperative of playing over the content changes.
  • i imag(in)e with shortform words on twitter. original 140 character twitter. i explore streaming those imag(in)ings to the wearable and body
  • I work with twitter because wearables like words. streaming text to a wearable’s ‘easy’ and words are good. ask the imagists or objectivists
  • i practice shortform wearable content to research shortform wearable content. i explore materiality, governmentality, imag(in)ing & objects.
  • i practice shortform. i research shortform in shortform. i publish shortform in shortform, not here, on twitter and on your wrist. in short.
  • i content improvise. i play chord melody. i tell stories over content. I pick up on solos. i try to play clean and look for the pretty words
  • this is the web, my home page so i suppose it should have my cv and my publications. but i need to remain in the hyphen of practice-research
  • i’ve a phd. i’ve been a photographer, editor and journalist. i ran an internet consultancy advising government and ngos. i improvise guitar.
  • i’ve published in first monday, culture machine, o-zone, platform & the atlantic. my photos have appeared in b2b magazines and horse & hound
  • i’ve taught in schools, colleges & universities + talked at conferences in london england, london ontario, cambridge, nottingham & amsterdam
  • if you want more, please just ask. and yes, each of these paras is exactly 140 characters. I’ve learned a lot by writing a website like that
  • and when i tweet each of them and they stream to my wrist via technocapitalism, material cables and objects… well that’ll be interesting too
  • copyleft 2016, some rights reserved.

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