the Internationale is Paul Caplan, former Digital Charabanc, journalist and imager and now Head of Department: Computer Science and Technology at GSM London and digital flaneur.

my CV


my research

Object-oriented media and everyday remix. Picking up on my practice-research PhD, exploring how mobile networked devices such as phones and tablets enable a form of remix whereby users, organisations, companies and the state connect streams of information, data and stories, offering new ways of imag(in)ing and managing. 

Object-oriented practice-research. Developing an approach to academic and practical study and teaching of media, advertising and communication based on a philosophy of objects together with a commitment to answering research questions through practice and using research to inform practice. This methodology formed the basis of my PhD and has been the starting point for my teaching and curriculum development since.

These research projects form the basis of a book I am writing for Punctum: Mobile imag(in)ing: object-oriented practice-research (outline in PDF here):

my everyday remix Stream

my paid work

I am Head of Department: Computer Science and Technology at GSM London where, together with my team, I'm developing the sort of courses that we need to ensure the next generation of digital media entrepreneurs, techies, geeks and hackers have a critical, politically informed and economically relevant approach to computing, network media and the digital economy.

my previous work

In previous incarnations I've been a frontline academic in the traditional (Russell Group University) industry, photojournalist, editor, consultant and trainer (Digital Charabanc). 

other projects (digital flanerie)

Object-oriented 'photography' (OOPh)

Practice-research experiments in imag(in)ing. Approaching images, imaging technologies, imagers and imaged subjects as... objects.

Object-oriented 'poetry' (OOp)

Practice-research experiments in writing. Approaching language, writing technologies, writers and writing subjects as... objects.


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