the Internationale is Paul Caplan, former Digital Charabanc, journalist and imager and now Senior Teaching Fellow at Winchester School of Art (#WSA).

my work

My work is about uncreative objects - the words and imag(in)ings that circulate and connect in the databases and that are mined as the 'digital detritus' of techno-capitalism and 'dialectical images' on our mobile remixological apparatuses. Following object-oriented ontology, I approach the words, code, protocols and apparatuses as 'objects' with sensual and real dimensions. Following new materialism, I understand those objects as material, vital and present.

I work with uncreative objects - language and images, language as image and image as language that techno-capitalism mines for value and the user values as social content. The objects I 'make' are not creative although they add to the rags 'n refuse that others value.

I work on Facebook and Twitter, the walled gardens, proprietorial, closed object-spaces where the objects I un-create with circulate. But my platforms are not 'virtual' or 'online', they are material, real, concrete. I 'write' on the Wall and through the Stream. I imag(in)e in Albums. I perform on server farms, display across cables.

my paid work

I co-run the MA in Global Media Management at University of Southampton, UK (#WSAgmm) on Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and at Winchester School of Art.

My teaching equips the next generation of public communicators to critically explore the potential of networks, communication objects and relations.


Object-oriented 'photography' (OOPh)

Practice-research experiments in imag(in)ing. Approaching images, imaging technologies, imagers and imaged subjects as... objects.

Object-oriented 'poetry' (OOp)

Practice-research experiments in writing. Approaching language, writing technologies, writers and writing subjects as... objects.


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