The String of Beads


The String of Beads

An exhibition of photographs and play memories collected in the East End of London.

The images and memories are on Flickr.

The images are mine – at least most of them – the memories are from the people of Tower Hamlets.

I was lucky enough to be asked to meet with those people, children, young people, parents and elders and listen to their stories of play. Listening to them I found how the same stories appeared again and again across the generations – wartime and 21st century playhoods share a common heritage. They also share common issues: access and resources – the things that PATH is trying to support in Tower Hamlets.

I hope that my reporting does justice to their stories, their memories and their experiences. I hope that their voices and their call for play rings through these images and words and by doing so enables this generation of children to build their own play memories.

I’d like to thank them for giving their time and sharing their lives. I’d also like to thank Marcus for the printing, the Internationale for the design, Phil for the display and Action for Bow, the Big Lottery and PATH for the support.

Penny Wilson

Download the Free PDF of the String of Beads exhibition here (5.75 MB), or you can buy the book at Lulu.

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  1. nice, saved it for later read/look

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