Tweets for the week :: 2011-11-06

  • Thinking some more about my career. #
  • … that was devil’s advocate BTW. Of course it’s an object! #
  • “Abstracting a JPEG-object from the flux of protocol becoming, isn’t pinning a butterfly to the page so much as a blancmange to the ceiling” #
  • Great to see @cgrltz. Putting me to shame with her British Library productivity. #
  • Presume you've seen (through) this @karppi Augmented Shopping #
  • Hacking the academy. Go on gizza job. Chateau @remixthebook: #
  • Good job i'm on O2. Hang on, not a 2012 corporate, or for that matter intend to be in London. Chapeau @jennifermjones: #

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