Excellence in Teaching… er, fine in theory

As I mentioned here, Birkbeck awarded my an ‘Excellence in teaching Award’ for the work developing the Birkbeckmedia site and #birkbeckmedia tag. I had to produce a reportĀ and also give a staff development seminar open to the University staff. I duly turned up yesterday with iPad and presentation and hand… Two staff turned up!

As it happened they were great. Really interested and open to finding ways to creatively use social media as part of teaching and learning… at no cost! But the rest of the University? You would have thought that an institution dedicated to open access, adult and flexible learning would have welcomed the chance to discuss how to use social media etc. For branding, student recruitment and retention if nothing else. Clearly someone thought it was a good idea… they did give me the award but taking it further? Seems not.

When the PhD is out of the way, I’d love to work with a University, College or School to develop this sort of work. There must be some leader of an educational space looking to harness the power of the Conversation Economy, Content Relationships and P2P teaching and learning using already existing tools and spaces – the place students already are.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, point me in their direction or them to me

If you’re interested the full report as a PDF is here.