Dispatch from an Advertising Future #46

Singapore-based dark kitchen uses AI to craft menu based on consumers’ needs

Singapore-based food and beverage company Ebb & Flow Group has launched Wrap Bstrd, a dark kitchen driven by artificial intelligence and analytics. A dark kitchen is a relatively new concept and usually refers to a unit or container in an industrial area preparing food for delivery.


They called it a Dark Agency, but the screens and dataflows gave the container an eerie glow. When teams swapped shifts they blinked as their eyes adjusted. The Order came in on one screen. She turned to the Creative Intelligence (™) feed and read off datapoints. ‘Suggested’ CI (™) assets flowed onto her Canvas. Jokes; Memes by topicality. Language for time of day and audience; awards judges’ profiles. The customer’s Order time ticked down as the Origin(al) played on a loop. She finished arranging the assets. Clicked. Response. She sipped her energy drink and waited for the next Order.