Tweets for the week :: 2012-03-18

  • Interesting distinctions mashups and cutups. Fragments and rags 'n refuse. Chapeau @remixthebook #
  • Reading Laruelle on non-photography before Milan San-Remo comes on TV. Funny 'ol world. #
  • Just noticed that Zero Books are based in Winchester. Obviously the place to be #WSA #
  • Not usual Tweet but did promise in last complaint mail that I'd spread the word on/offline: "don't use British Gas for new boiler!" #bgfail #
  • OK DeLanda, it's just you, me and #quadJPEG day. What a mesh. #
  • Stephen Wolfram Thinks Instagram is "Completely Nuts" For Writing Its Own Photo Filters #OOPh another lang to play with #
  • RT @julesmattsson: Help us track the impact of the Olympics on #pressfreedom and the right to photograph #
  • Steve Jobs Stuffed Toy I wonder where it was made. Maybe goes with the Apple (walled) garden set. #
  • Added to #WSA research centre FB page after Hargreaves talk but here too. Interesting take on Pinterest and copyright. #
  • Feed the London Tube system through some software and you have something rather pretty: #
  • "the book in an age of distractions"? 'rags 'n refuse' as a publishing model. chapeau @markamerika #
  • Simple, just rebrand 'newspaper' as 'internet'. Problem solved. Oh apart from the money. chapeau @adamprocter #
  • More insights into the Google way. This time how designers get themselves heard. #

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