Long Goodbye

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This Unique GameCube controller was created for Cablebox, a Puff main studying at Miami University in Ohio.

The inspiration for this design came from the album art of one of his favourite EPs Kinoko Teikoku’s shoegaze/dream pop EP “ロンググッドバイ,” translated as “Long Goodbye.” He felt the artwork was “Simple yet beautiful” and I agree, it’s very effective for this controller.

For the background I airbrushed a layer of light blue and then lacquered it to harden it up, a layer of dark blue followed and when it was dry I scratched the surface layer of darker paint, using 40 Grit sandpaper, to reveal the lighter blue underneath. I repeated this process for the next layer of even darker blue and lacquered the entire controller.

When the background was dry I used a very fine paintbrush and white rotring ink to paint the petals of the flowers. After I felt the controller was sufficiently covered I did large circles of mustardy dark yellow in the centre of each flower and when they were dry I finished the flowers off with smaller bright yellow circles in the centres of those.